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Yeezy, Adidas, Kanye West, van visszaút a szakítás után? - SneakCenter

Yeezy, Adidas, Kanye West, is there a way back after the breakup?

Hello Sneakerheads!

You may have heard the news that the Yeezy team and Adidas have split up. But what's been happening since the breakup almost a year ago? Well, Adidas has yet to find its way to financial restructuring and reportedly has $500 million worth of unsold Yeezy products. We've even heard rumors that the two parties may get back together like exes who keep trying again and again.

But what happened? Kanye claimed in an interview that "I can say anti-Semitic things and Adidas won't drop me." The public outcry, which included a Change.org petition with over 160,000 signatures, forced Adidas to take action and announce that "the company has made the decision to immediately terminate its partnership with Ye." Kanye West was Adidas' "golden child" and generated huge revenue for the brand, so in the months after his firing, it was understandable for people to wonder what would happen to Yeezy. Who knows, maybe we'll soon see Yeezys on the market again.

In the meantime, let us tell you that there's always room for Yeezys in our store! You'll always find the latest styles, coolest colors, and best prices with us. Do you want Yeezy Foams? Classic 350s? 500s, or maybe 700s? And let's not forget the trendy Yeezy slides too!

So come to our store and check out our Yeezy selection. You may be wondering if Yeezy and Adidas will get back together, but until then, we're here to bring you the coolest Yeezy shoes.

See you in the store!
SneakCenter Team

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